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Internet search statistics suggest that many people carry out searches on ‘www.logmein123.com rescue.’ It is not hard to make the connection between the web address ‘www.logmein123.com’ and the term ‘rescue.’ The connection is, of course, in the fact that www.logmein123.com is a website address for LogMeInRescue. LogMeInRescue is best described as a software application through which IT support staff can offer practical support (not just advice) remotely to those who need it. So www.logmein123.com (which redirects to secure.logmeinrescue.com) is the site where one can access and download the software in question. IT is software that makes such remote interaction between IT support staff and the computers of the people who need such support possible.

Two Models Under Which Www.logmein123.com rescue takes place

There are two models under which www.logmein123.com rescue takes place.

The first one is where the rescue can take place through the chat platform. It is where the client in need of support can chat with the IT support professional, explain the problem, and get advice on how to solve it. Under this arrangement, the client would subsequently need to act upon the advice the IT support professional gave to solve the problem.

The second one is that in which the rescue can be practical. It is where the IT support professional goes beyond just giving instructions for solving problems and takes control of the client’s computer (remotely) to solve the problem. It can be a useful approach when it is hard for the IT support professional to get an idea of the diagnosis for the problem. That may make it necessary for the IT support professional to access the client’s computer remotely to check it out (and possibly solve the problem directly, from far away).

Two groups of people who need www.logmein123.com rescue

Two groups of people need to download and use the remote support software offered at www.logmein123.com (which, as mentioned, redirects to secure.logmeinrescue.com).

The first group of people who need to download and use that software is those who offer the support. These include call centre operators, IT consultants, and helpdesk professionals for organizations with many branches (which often cannot afford IT, and support staff, in all small branches). The second group of people who need to download and use the software is those who use/those who need the remote support that can be offered through the system. Those are the ones who go to www.logmein123.com, enter the 6-digit codes, and then download the small applications that make it possible for them to receive such support remotely.

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