Is Safe?

One of the questions we keep encountering in remote technical support forums is whether or not is safe. The concern here is typically not whether the website accessible after entering is safe. Rather, the concern is whether the computer remote access and remote-control software sold at the site you end up after entering is safe.

Why Safety Matters Here

To understand why safety is an important consideration concerning the software available at, you have to appreciate just how sophisticated the software in question is. That is where you learn that the software in question is so sophisticated that, through it, the person offering technical support remotely can gain full and unhindered access to the client’s computer and control it as if they were sitting right behind it! Having gained such full and unhindered access to a client’s computer, the person in question can proceed to wreak havoc in it if they are so inclined. And it is against that background that the people considering installing such software endeavor to know whether or not it is safe.

Figuring out whether the software is safe

 There is one key way to figure out whether the software available at is safe. That would be by looking at how it is crafted. In this respect, you come to learn that the software in question is crafted to make it possible for the computer technical support professional to gain access to your computer remotely and control it remotely.

The software application (in and by itself) does nothing more. And to that extent, we can say that it is safe. But there is a loophole: in the sense that the software puts no limit to what the person on the other hand (the one offering the computer technical support remotely through it) can do once they access your computer remotely. So the software, in and by itself, is safe. The person using it to gain access to and control your computer remotely can, however, use it maliciously. But, we reiterate that the software is, by itself, safe.

Ensuring safety

From what we have discussed, it should be clear that the way to ensure safety when using remote computer access and remote control software is by carefully vetting the people and organizations you use it with. That is, the people and organizations you allow to access and control your computer remotely, with the aid of the software, have to be the sorts of folks who wouldn’t abuse that privilege. Thus, as long as you work with trustworthy folks, you should be safe (just as you would be if you were to invite trustworthy computer technical support staff to visit you personally). Otherwise, the software you can download at website is safe.

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