How To MyOvo Login & Online Bill Payments

MyOvo has rapidly emerged as Indonesia’s leading digital payments and financial services platform, simplifying daily transactions for over 90 million users. This guide will overview creating your account, managing wallet security, making QR payments at merchants, transferring funds and contacting support if any login or usage issues arise. Read on to unlock the immense potential of the MyOvo ecosystem app to take your cashless lifestyle to the next level!

What is MyOVO?

MyOVO is Indonesia’s leading digital wallet and payments app, offering seamless transactions across merchants and financial services access to over 90 million users nationwide. This comprehensive guide will overview creating an account, managing your profile securely, top features for payments and transfers and customer support if facing any issues. Read on to excel your cashless, digital lifestyle powered by the convenience of MyOVO Login.

Creating and Registering your MyOVO Account

To start accessing the plethora of services, the first step is registering for your own MyOVO account via the mobile app. Follow these straightforward steps:

  • Download OVO app – search on Google Play or App Store
  • Tap on “Register” and enter mobile number
  • Receive & input OTP sent via SMS to verify number
  • Create your OVO PIN (between 6 to 20 digits)
  • Set up security features like app passwords or 2FA

Once registered, you can access My OVO’s portal by logging in with your mobile number and OVO PIN for authentication.

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Managing, Securing Your MyOVO Profile

As MyOVO allows online payments and money transfers, it is vital you take measures to safeguard account security:

  • Strong login credentials: Set up an alphanumeric OVO PIN instead of simple number sequences
  • In-app security: Enable app password or fingerprint verification features
  • 2FA: Add two-factor authentication via OTP for transferring large funds
  • Transaction alerts: Enable notifications for all payments/transfers and monitor for unauthorized activities.
  • Updated app: Regularly update OVO app and OS for latest security patches

Practicing prudent security protocols enhances protection of money stored in My OVO along with linked bank/credit cards.

Payments at 80+ Million Merchants via QR Scan

One of the flagship offerings of MyOVO is the ability to make QR code payments at over 80 million retail outlets, offline stores, restaurants and partner merchants across 500 cities and districts in Indonesia.

To pay, simply open your profile, scan the OVO QR code displayed at billing counters and authenticated the payment amount. Money gets deducted instantly from your MyOVO balance without the need for cash or cards!

From grab-and-go convenience stores, restaurants and cafes to phone credit recharges, ecommerce deliveries and more – OVO QR makes transactions seamless while offering great rewards.

P2P Money Transfers, Online Bill Payments

Beyond payments, MyOVO facilitates convenient money transfers and online bill payments via the app:

  • Instant transfers: Send or receive funds instantly from other OVO users (registered mobile numbers) which gets credited directly into in-app wallets.
  • Bill Payments: Pay telco bills, electricity charges, insurance premiums, loan EMIs directly from your MyOVO balance. No complex procedures!
  • Online bill payments: Pay utility bills, loan EMIs, insurance premiums directly through the app

Thus you save precious time running to banks or standing in queues to settle recurring payments or sending allowances to family/friends studying away from hometowns.

OVO Cashback & Rewards

As you embrace the MyOVO ecosystem for managing daily digital transactions, MyOVO surprises you with plenty of rewards and cashbacks directly into your in-app wallet.

These include:

  • Exclusive discounts or cashbacks when you pay OVO QR at popular outlets
  • Additional cash bonuses on referring your friends/family to OVO
  • Occasional “Shake & Win” contests for cool giveaways
  • Virtual scratch cards for sign-in streaks, festive offers and more!

So paying via OVO puts extra savings into your pockets automatically. Check “Rewards” in your app to discover the latest offerings applicable for your profile.

OVO Customer Support

Despite strong security protocols, you may face login failures, forgotten PINs or errors while transferring money from MyOVO.

To quickly resolve concerns, open your app menu and use:

  • FAQ articles: Reference detailed troubleshooting guides on common queries
  • Live chat: Directly connect with OVO helpline for specialized assistance
  • Call support: Speak to OVO customer care for urgent fund-related issues

So feel empowered to use self-help resources or contact dedicated agents should any hiccups arise in your OVO journeys. We have round-the-clock teams to diagnose errors and reinstate seamless services.

Transacting Seamlessly via QR Code

A flagship MyOvo feature is the ability to pay seamlessly at 80 million+ merchant outlets nationwide via QR code.

To use:

  • Open MyOvo app at payment counter
  • Scan the unique QR code shown by merchant
  • Authenticate payment amount
  • Money gets deducted from your wallet instantly!

From retail stores to phone recharges and food delivery, MyOvo QR payments provide unmatched convenience without cash/cards.


In closing, MyOVO pioneers Indonesia’s transition towards m-payments, e-wallets and cashless ecosystem – offering convenience, rewards plus robust security to safeguard money. Download the app today to excel your digital lifestyle by making paperless payments powered by OVO QR scans. Additionally manage funds transfer and recurring bills directly via your personalized OVO account while enjoying great discounts. Partner with MyOVO Login to embrace financial-related innovations of the future, today!

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